Artist's Statement

Having been diagnosed with a skin condition at the age of 5– Vitiligo, which involves discoloration of skin made me drawn and be attracted to colors from early stages in life. More often it is not easy to open your vulnerabilities through words because of which I use abstract/impressionist art paintings as my voice and outlet to express emotions. I paint oil on canvas and my artworks display vibrant colors, lively attitude, and positive energy. By education, I possess PhD in Chemistry and I currently work as a Research Engineer at Intel Corporation. As painting is a self-discovery journey and every artist paint what they are, my paintings depict interconnection, fluidity, network and integration as well as they reciprocate strongly to the post-modernist art characteristics. 


I take inspiration from most beautiful part of North America the Pacific Northwest region.  The intensity, rarity, and variety provided by the mountains, rain-forests, and desserts provide me opportunities to grasp the color contrasts present in nature. More often I am unaware of the end results of my paintings, I start painting on blank canvas and my memories take over to create very bright, thick textured art piece. Owing to the interplay between various colors/contrasts, rich texture and dynamic nature of the paintings they capture attention, build a curiosity, and allow each individual to discover their personal strengths. I create the artworks with a great hope to make each viewer pause and remind each individual of their own experiences in life. One of the crucial aspects of my artwork is the reflection to viewer’s individual journey.