Taking & Giving Back (30''x30''x1.5'')

  • A abstract perspective on philosophy of life. 
    I try to take help of my subconscious mind and memories to create my artworks. More often I am unaware of the end results of my paintings, I start painting on blank canvas and my memories take over to create very bright, thick textured art piece. The message that I try to project through my artworks- is positivity, energy and happiness.

  • Painting Size: 30''W x 30''H x 1.5''D (dimensions are in inches)

    The display images are not true to scale, but they provide an overview on  how the artwork would look on the wall. 

    Prior to shipping, this artwork will be framed with frame to enhance beauty and durability of the painting. 

    Quantity is limited to 1 painting.